Volunteering is good for the community and you are benefiting many people by simply donating your time but volunteering is also very beneficial to your professional career. It can give you a leg up on the competition and donating your time can become an invaluable asset when applying to jobs.

Learn New Skills

When you are volunteering you can quickly learn new skills. No matter what volunteer position that you are in you will be learning something new and valuable that you can put on your resume. Whether that be computer skills, communication skills, or technical skills such as building houses, volunteering can benefit your professional growth tremendously and give you the experience.


When you are volunteering you are meeting many new people in the community and beyond and will be interacting with them on a weekly basis depending where you are volunteering. This definitely helps you network with people from the local community and you can even find out about jobs or opportunities from them. In addition, since you volunteer together they will likely put in a good word for you as well.

Boost Resume

Volunteer work can easily be added to your resume and helps you stand out to employers. When they see that you are not only excelling in your career but also volunteering as well you give yourself an instant boost compared to other people who do not have those volunteer hours on their resumes. It shows you can manage your time, work well with others, and give back. Volunteering can also fill gaps in your resume when you might not have been working or couldn’t find a job. It also adds experience to people’s resumes who haven’t had as many positions or opportunities as others have.

Find Your Career Path

Volunteering exposes you to many different jobs in a variety of fields. It can definitely help you find your career path while you are volunteering for a variety of nonprofits or on projects. You might discover that you love managing projects or you find yourself most happy behind a desk or interacting face to face with other people. Volunteering can help you discover many new things about yourself as well as help you decide what kind of position will make you most happy.